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In India, if you intend to change your name legally, various reasons may lead to this decision. Common instances include rectifying spelling errors in documents like School Leaving Certificate, birth certificate, Pan Card, Adhaar Card, or other records altered due to marriage, divorce, or personal beliefs such as following Numerology for luck. As part of the formal process, it is mandatory to announce the name change through an advertisement in both national and local newspapers. Opting for a classified advertisement in the Fress Press Journalproves to be a beneficial choice, offering a discounted rate for publishing Name Change Ads in their dedicated section, ensuring a broad reach to a diverse readership.

For a successful publication of a name change advertisement in The Times of India, it is crucial to furnish precise and comprehensive details. Clearly express the name change and attach necessary supporting documents adhering to the newspaper's guidelines. Create a concise and lucid message to convey the name change effectively. Remember to provide your contact details for inquiries or verification purposes. To ensure a timely release in The Fress Press Journalnewspaper, make sure to complete the name change ad booking well in advance.

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Planning to change your name officially? Make it easy by getting a Name Change Classified Ad in The Fress Press Journalnewspaper. Whether it's because of marriage, divorce, or a personal choice, telling everyone about your new name in a widely read newspaper makes it legally official. The Fress Press Journalis a trustworthy place for such announcements. Just go to their classified ad booking site,, pick the right category and follow the simple steps to write and book your Name Change Ad. Ensure that your name change is known to a lot of people and follows all the rules by advertising in The Times of India. Whether you're changing your name after marriage, updating your birth certificate, or dealing with the online gazette process, The Fress Press Journalmakes it easy and legal. Don't miss the complete support for your name change in India; go for The Fress Press Journalfor a smooth transition

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Publishing Name Change Ads in newspapers.

1. Identify the Newspaper and city:

Select the city for your name change ad publication from a range of options including Bangalore, Hubli, Mangalore, Gulbarga, Manipal, Hassan, Mysore, and more. Following that, choose a widely used newspaper to publish your Change of Name Ad Times of India, Deccan Herald, the Hindu, Kannada Prabha, and others. The streamlined process on guarantees a hassle-free experience, allowing you to effortlessly choose both the city and the newspaper for the publication of your Change of Name Ad.

2. Compose Ad:

Draft the content for your name change ad according to the website's specifications. Prepare the details you want to include in the ad. This may include the old name, the new name, the reason for the name change (category), date of birth, address and any other relevant information. Ensure that the information is accurate and complies with legal requirements

3. Identify the Appropriate Category

Identify the specific category for your name change ad. Whether it's for a, birth certificate name change, and pan card name updates after marriage, name spelling correction, name change due to Astrology, name change due to divorce, name change for minors, change gender, change of name in passport, or any other reason, choose the relevant category.

4. Contact us:

Reach out to us or contact us, we specializes in booking name change ads. We can assist in creating the ad, choosing the appropriate newspaper, and securing the best rates.

5. Provide Necessary Documentation:

Some newspapers require supporting documents or legal affidavits for name change advertisements. Ensure you have the necessary paperwork ready and submit it as required. Provide us the required documents through Whatsapp or email.

6. Choose Date and Duration:

Select the date on which you want the advertisement to be published. Indicate whether it's a one-time publication or if you want it to run for multiple days.

7. Confirm the Ad Booking and Payment:

Once the name change ad is booked, ensure you receive confirmation from the newspaper. making payment through various methods, including Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet Banking, Google Pay, PayTm, or Bank Deposit.

8. Check the Published Ad:

On the scheduled publication date, check the newspaper for your Name Change Ad to ensure it's published correctly. For a smooth and hassle-free experience in publishing your Name Change Ad, our service ensures a seamless process from ad creation to publication across newspapers in Mumbai and beyond. Feel free to contact us for further assistance or to book your Name Change Ad in newspapers efficiently and effectively.

Publishing name change ads in newspapers offers several advantages:

  • Legal Recognition: Newspaper ads provide legal recognition to your name change. They serve as a public declaration and can be essential for official documentation changes.
  • Widespread Visibility: Newspapers have extensive readership, ensuring that your name change is seen by a broad audience, including family, friends, and acquaintances.
  • Credibility and Trust: Newspaper ads, especially in reputable publications, add credibility and trust to your name change announcement, making it more widely accepted.
  • Documentation Requirement: Many legal processes, such as updating identification documents like passports and driver's licenses, often require a published name change ad as supporting evidence.
  • Historical Record: Newspaper archives serve as a historical record. Your name change announcement becomes part of public records, which can be useful for reference in the future.

To initiate the process, you can visit official website and navigate to the contact our assistance directly for name change ads guidance on submission procedures.

Typically, you will need a notarized affidavit stating the reason for the name change along with supporting documents such as a copy of the gazette notification or a government-issued ID.

The cost varies depending on the newspaper and the size/format of the ad. Ranges start from ₹1000 and further more information Contact us (+91)9699706000 for accurate pricing details.

Yes, newspapers often have specific formats. You can contact with us for template or guidelines to ensure your ad meets their requirements

Yes, many newspapers, including Times of india, offer online platforms for classified ad submissions. Visit website and follow the online submission process for convenience.

Fress Press JournalNewspaper has specific submission deadlines. Contact us (+91)9699706000 to inquire about the deadline and ensure you submit your ad well in advance to meet publication schedules.

Newspapers may have guidelines on acceptable content. contact with us to ensure your ad complies with their editorial policies and standards.

Yes, we can provide samples or guidance on composing name change ads. Contact our assistance via phone at [9699706000] or email at [email address], or visit our website [] to book online. Our team will guide you through the process.

The time can vary, but generally, it takes a few days from submission to publication. for Confirm the timeline contact with us when placing your ad.

Yes, you can request proof. They typically provide a physical or digital copy of the newspaper containing your published ad. Contact our advertising department by phone at (+91)9699706000 or email at [email address] or visit our website To book online Let our team guide you through the process

Select Category

After Marriage Name Change

Typically, when a woman changes her surname after marriage, it becomes vital to update your records with the new name. This involves making revisions to important documents such as the Passport, Bank Accounts, Pan Card, Voter ID card, Aadhar, and more. Ensuring a prompt and accurate update is essential for the smooth functioning of administrative processes.


Name Change due to spelling errors

We acknowledge the significance of correcting any errors in your school leaving certificate as they can lead to severe consequences. Therefore, we are here to assist you throughout the entire process of changing your name on your school leaving certificate online. Our aim is to ensure a hassle-free, fast, and secure experience for you when undergoing the gazette name change spelling error process on your school leaving certificate online.


Passport Name Change Ads

A passport contains many details like our name and address. Hence, if we've recently relocated and our passport still bears the previous address, it should be updated. Similarly, if there is a spelling mistake in our name, it also requires an update as soon as possible.


Educational Certificates Name Change Ads

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Birth Certificate Name Change Ads

Altering the name on a birth certificate typically involves modifying, appending initials, or even changing a single letter. This action is a common or legally recognized practice wherein an individual adopts a new name distinct from the one recorded on their birth certificate. This process is commonly known as a name change in the birth certificate.


Due to Adoption Name Change Ads

In India, upon the adoption of a child, it becomes imperative to obtain legal documents for the change of name. These documents are essential for various purposes, including school admissions, property transactions, legal matters related to family properties, as well as for obtaining other important documents such as PAN Card, Ration Card, Voter ID, and Aadhar Card, among others.


Due to Change of religion name change ads

The next step involves placing an advertisement in a widely circulated newspaper. The advertisement should contain specific details, including the applicant's name, age, address, the transition from the previous religion to the new one, and the former religion.


Surname Change Due to Divorce Name change ads

After a divorce, a woman has the freedom to decide whether to revert to her maiden name or keep her ex-husband's surname. Some women choose to retain their ex-husband's last name, particularly if they share the same name as their children.


due to Astrology & Numerology Name Change Ads

The concept of name change astrology is embraced by many cultures worldwide as a means to harness the power of names for personal growth.This ad will comprehensively outline my former name, new name, and date of birth. This public announcement serves both as a formal declaration and a testament to my commitment to aligning my life's journey with astrological principles, embracing the potential for positive energy and growth.


Due to Change of Sex / Gender name change ads

If someone feels a mismatch between their identity and their assigned gender at birth, they can choose to undergo a gender transformation. Those who decide on a transition with medical assistance are commonly referred to as transsexuals. In India, for a gender change to be legally recognized


Ad Booking Process

Change Of Name Ads Online Booking

Our Services Include Publishing Name Change Ads for Passports in Two Newspapers (One National and One Local) at the following rates: Mumbai: ₹375/-, Pune: ₹425/-, Delhi: ₹525/-, Bangalore: ₹800/-, Kolkata: ₹850/-, Hyderabad: ₹990/-. These rates comply with the legal requirements for name changes at Passport Seva Kendras across India.

  • Change of Name Ad Formats Accessible
  • Professional Newspaper Recommendations and Guidelines Provided
  • Passport Office Approval for Two Newspapers (One National and One Local).
  • Most Affordable Rates for Change of Name Advertising
  • Easy Embeddable Media & Graphics
  • Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore etc choose your city
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Classified ads have been about for decades, and they remain one of the most effective ways to reach out to possible customers and promote your business. With the advent of the internet, online classified ads have become progressively popular, but traditional print classified ads in newspapers like Rajasthan Patrika still hold a significant share of the market. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about classified ads in Rajasthan Patrika, including its kinds, purposes, ad rates, benefits, target, budget, impact, and other additional information.

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